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Country Chairs

Our Country Chairs organize and coordinate Global Dignity activities in their territories.

Mauritius: Ms. Anishah Aujayeb
Mozambique: Mr. Erik Charas
Nigeria: Ms. Osayi Alile Oruene
South Africa:  Ms. Phuti Mahanyele
Tanzania: Ms. Susan Mashibe
Uganda: Mr. Ashish Thakkar

Bahamas: Ms. Ashleigh Rolle
Brazil: Ms. Christina Lopes
Canada: Ms. Giovanna Mingarelli
Chile: Mr. Felipe Aldunate
Colombia: Ms. Raaida Mannaa
Dominican Republic: Ms. Yulianna Ramón Martínez
El Salvador: Mr. Diego de Sola
Mexico: Mr. Alfredo Capote
Trinidad and Tobago: Ms. Jennifer Raffoul
US: Mr. John Hope Bryant

Afghanistan: Mr. Dawood Azami
Bangladesh: Ms. Runa Khan
Cambodia: Mr. Yap Kwong Weng
China: Ms. Diana Tsui
India: Mr. Malvinder Singh
Indonesia: Ms. Veronica Colondam
Indonesia: Mr. Silverius Unggul
Jordan: Mr. Amir Shihadeh
Mongolia: Mr. Ganhuyag Ch. Hutagt
Pakistan: Mr. Amir Jahangir
Palestine: Mr. Ayman Arandi
Philippines: Mr. Benedict Carandang
Singapore: Ms. Penny Low
Sri Lanka: Mr. Asanga Abeyagoonasekera
United Arab Emirates: Mr. Pasha Bakhtiar

Australia: Prof. Jane McAdam

Belgium: Mr. Raphael Schoentgen
Denmark: Ms. Soulaima Gourani
Finland: Prof. Pekka Himanen
France: Mr. Olivier Oullier
Germany: Ms. Katja Menzl
Italy: Mr. Marco Fiorese
Monaco: Mr. Marco Fiorese
Norway: HRH Crown Prince Haakon
Poland: Mr. Jacek Olechowski
Romania: Mr. Codrut Pascu
Russia: Mr. Yan Yanovskiy
Switzerland: Mr. Christian Wenk
Turkey: Mr. Murat Sarayli
UK: Ms. Shauneen Lambe



Country Chair for Afghanistan:
Dawood Azami

Dawood Azami is a visiting scholar and award winning broadcast journalist working for the BBC World Service in London. He was the BBC World Service Bureau Chief and Editor in Afghanistan (2010-2011), where he still goes frequently. Azami has been working with the BBC since 1998, first as Producer and then as Senior Producer/Desk Editor, based in London. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, London, teaching globalization, power and international governance. He was also a visiting scholar at Ohio State University, USA. Previously, Azami worked as the head of an educational and training institute in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A PhD candidate, he holds three Bachelor's and three Master's degrees, including Science, Law and International Relations. He won the BBC Global Reith Award for Outstanding Contribution (2009), and the first Allama Tarzai Award (2010).


Country Chair for Australia:
Jane McAdam

Professor Jane McAdam is Scientia Professor of Law and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. She is also the Director of the International Refugee and Migration Law project at the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law and the convenor of the Faculty's Refugee Law and Policy Group. She is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC, and a Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre.

Jane publishes widely in the area of international refugee law, in particular on complementary protection and climate change-related displacement and migration. She has undertaken consultancies on forced migration issues for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and various governments. In 2013 she was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.


Country Chair for Bahamas:
Ashleigh Rolle

Ashleigh Rolle is a One Young World and Global Dignity Ambassador from the Bahamas who has lived in several parts of the USA. At a young age Ashleigh found herself immersed in her country's politics and finance, spending her summers working closely with the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation, the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Education and the distinguished Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Freeport GrandBahama.

Taking advantage of her gap year and her radio show SipSips with Ash Ashleigh has used these two opportunities to travel to various countries with her goal of promoting global dignity which is a message in sync with her national anti-bullying campaigns within The Bahamas. During her downtime Ashleigh enjoys horse back riding and fencing as a means to simply think. As a lover of life and a true comic at heart, Ashleigh lives by the words of Dr. Seuss ?Why fit in when you were born to stand out??


Country Chair for Bangladesh:
Runa Khan

Runa Khan has a wide range of experience in teaching, setting up small businesses, tourism and communication. She is Founder and Executive Director, Friendship Bangladesh, an organization which integrates innovation into development work to create lasting, real change. Khan is Founding Member of the Board, Friendship International, which operates in five countries.

Author: six books on practical teaching methodologies; two children's story books. Recipient of awards: Ashoka Fellowship, in recognition for work developing innovative teaching methodology (1994); Rolex Award for Entrepreneurship (2006); SCWEC Women Entrepreneur Excellence Award (2010).


Country Chair for Belgium:
Raphael Schoentgen

Raphael Schoentgen is Chief Representative Officer of GDF Suez China, the world leading utilities company that provides water, energy and other services in 70 countries. Prior to this, he was an Adviser for International and European Affairs to the Minister of France in charge of energy, telecommunications and industry. He also served as a National Expert to the European Competition Directorate and Head of the Economic Development Department of France's northern region.

In parallel to his career as a civil servant, Schoentgen has been a senior executive in a number of companies, including Alcatel-Lucent China, Gas de France Mexico and Degremont France. Schoentgen has an MA in Engineering from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and an MBA from the Corps des Mines.


Country Chair for Brazil:
Christina Lopes

Christina K. Lopes is an emerging markets finance executive and holds board positions in the non-profit sector. As Founder of CKL Consulting, she advised on billions of dollars of transactions for clients such as EBX Holdings, in Latin America’s largest financing in the oil sector (OGX) and electricity (MPX). She began her career in 1997 at Cambridge Energy Research Associates, working on Brazil’s energy sector liberalization.

Other finance roles include Latin American Currency Strategist and Emerging Markets Trader. At Credit Suisse, she facilitated transactions of the world’s largest projects in greentech and natural resources.Lopes is an Advisory Board Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) for the Western Hemisphere, where she also oversees endowment management. IPPF is the world’s largest women’s health service provider.

She also participated in the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women, lectured at Columbia University, and founded Young Orpheus. Lopes performed with the Boston Ballet, attended University of Massachusetts, Princeton University’s Graduate School and received a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University.


Country Chair for Cambodia:
Yap Kwong Weng

Yap Kwong Weng is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. He is the Secretary-General of the United Nations Association of Singapore and founded its vibrant Youth Council in 2010. In this capacity, he strengthened the organization and initiated several community and social outreach projects. Yap previously served as a Commando Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and graduated from US Navy SEAL training.

Described as 93.8 Live's “Passion People”, he used diverse platforms to advocate meaningful causes, including trekking across 100 km across the world's largest non-polar Taklamakan desert to raise awareness about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Yap graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Manchester and holds a Master of Public Administration from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Yap was selected as one of Singapore's Young Outstanding Singaporeans in 2011, and was chosen by Rotary International as the first Singaporean to become a Rotary Peace Fellow in 2012.


Country Chair for Canada:
Giovanna Mingarelli

Giovanna Mingarelli is the President and Co-Founder of M&C Consulting in Canada. She has a degree in Political Science, Carleton University. Mingarelli has been a Parliamentary witness, guest lecturer and keynote speaker at various events and conferences relating to women in politics. She has worked for several government agencies and a former Prime Minister of Canada.

Giovanna Mingarelli collaborates with start-ups in New York, Birmingham, Seattle and Helsinki in the development of new crowdsourcing and action branding strategies.

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Country Chair for Chile:
Felipe Aldunate

Felipe Aldunate is Senior Finance and Economics Editor of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. Prior, he was Editor-in-Chief of AméricaEconomía, a leading business publication in Latin America.

Aldunate has extensive journalism experience, covering economics, business and politics in Latin America. He has also been a correspondent for international media in Miami, Mexico City, Bogota and Sao Paulo. Aldunate earned an MBA from the Catholic University of Chile, and studied Finance and Macroeconomics at the University of Amsterdam.


Country Chair for China: Diana Tsui

Diana Tsui began heading up NIKE’s Community Affairs function in Asia Pacific in 1997. She tackled some key brand issues so that the company could play a significant role in bringing positive changes to disadvantaged communities. She joined Mercy Corps, a leading international relief and development agency, in 2002 as the managing director for East Asia and was instrumental in helping establish its China and Asia regional headquarters. Diana was recruited by KPMG as the director of Corporate Social Responsibility in 2007. She oversaw the establishment of the KPMG Foundation and has served as its CEO since.

Diana holds a BA, a Masters in International and Public Affairs (MIPA), and an Executive MBA. She is an honorary adviser of the Faculty of Social Science, The Hong Kong University, and sits on the board of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in the PRC.

Global Dignity Hong Kong


Country Chair for Colombia:
Raaida Mannaa

Raaida Mannaa is Founder and Project Manager of Global Youth Volunteers, a strategic initiative, lead by the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), that seeks to engage and connect every young volunteer and their projects worldwide for them to pursue their passions, build their skills and multiply their impact through volunteering. She is Co-Founder of red2021, a Latin American social media campaign linking personal and organizational youth volunteering commitments.

Raaida Mannaa holds a Master's in Journalism and Executive Production Specialist. She is a consultant, advisor and volunteer of strategic communication, international development and social innovation for different regional, national and international government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Mannaa is the youngest member serving at Partners of the Americas' International Board of Directors; selected by the Spanish Government as a representative of Colombia in the Ibero-American Leaders Program and as a Coordinating Ambassador for South America at One Young World. She is an international speaker, former documentaries producer and reporter of publications in Colombia and Spain, currently serving as a blogger for the Colombian newspaper El Espectador, Mannaa also served as the Communications Coordinator for Latin-America of the Wake Up Call, a youth-driven activism movement that in one day was able to engage 27.000 people from 84 countries worldwide.


Country Chair for Denmark:
Soulaima Gourani

Soulaima Gourani is Chief Executive Officer of Soulaima Gourani as well as a Special Adviser to some of Scandinavia's most demanding and ambitious companies, helping them overcome complex challenges and become more professional and passionate players in their industries. Prior, she worked for such multinational companies as Hewlett-Packard and the A.P. Moller Maersk Group.

From these experiences, Gourani has accumulated business and sales competencies through significant line responsibility for sales, budgets and personnel. She is active on several boards and is a highly sought-after lecturer. Gourani has received a number of prestigious awards, including Rising Star and Talent 2004 by the Danish business magazine Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin. She has an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, where she now teaches part-time on supply chain management.

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Country Chair for Dominican Republic:
Yulianna Ramón Martínez

Yulianna Ramón Martínez graduated summa cum laude from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Law. Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, as well as a scholarship from the French Government for her postgraduate studies, she obtained a Masters in Administrative Law from the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas. Yulianna works for one of the top Dominican law firms specializing in administrative, regulatory, corporate, banking, and financial, as well as in corporate and civil litigation, accumulating vast experience working with local and international clients.

In the academic field, Yulianna is a permanent lecturer of Financial Law at UNIBE also collaborating with students in the drafting and sustaining of legal thesis. Yulianna also participates actively in current debates on legislative reforms. Being fluent in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Italian, she has been appointed judicial interpreter by the Dominican Supreme Court of Justice. Additionally, is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, Santo Domingo Hub, having been a participant in the 2012 WEF Annual Meeting and being the Hub's Curator for the year 2012-2013. Yulianna plays the guitar, is an active blogger and amateur photographer.


Country Chair for El Salvador:
Diego de Sola

Diego de Sola is a Central American born in El Salvador. Having lived in the United States for 20 years, his ambition is to foster a more trusting (thereby more efficient) environment in his country and region through his involvement in business and non-profits.

Diego de Sola is Co-founder and President of Glasswing International), a non-profit social venture promoting volunteerism in education, health and social integration. Formerly an associate at Citicorp Securities in New York, he later worked for UNEX, a Central American coffee exporter, and is currently CEO of Inversiones Bolivar, a 50-year-old real estate development firm operating in El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica.

De Sola is an alumni of the Hotchkiss School, Cornell University (BS) and NYU Stern School of Business (MBA). He is a fellow and moderator of the Aspen Global Leadership Network since 2005, and in 2012 was invited to join the World Economic Forum's "Young Global Leaders". Diego and his wife, Alexandra, are parents to three boys: Diego Xavier, Herbert and Alejandro.


Country Chair for Finland:
Pekka Himanen

Pekka Himanen is a Philosopher and currently teaches as a Professor at the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology. He previously was Director of the Berkeley Centre for the Information Society. His works have been translated into 20 languages.

He has recently acted as an Adviser to the Finnish Parliament and President as well as leading international organizations on the issues of global information societies and ethics. Himanen currently works at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, a joint institute of the Helsinki University of Technology and Helsinki University.


Country Chair for France:
Olivier Oullier

Olivier Oullier, PhD, is an expert on the behavioural and brain dynamics of decision making and their use in strategy, crisis and risk management, policy-making and communication. He is a full Professor at the University of Provence and a research associate at the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences and GREQAM.

An adviser to the Centre for Strategic Analysis of the French Prime Minister, he is the first brain scientist to head a programme in a governmental institution aimed at improving public policy-making (health, sustainable development, education, economics, finance) with nudges and neuroeconomics.

A member of the steering committee of the Presidential Obesity Plan, he also sits on the scientific committee of the International Association for Law, Ethics and Science and of the High Council for Strategic Education and Research. Prof. Oullier had begun work with the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Decision-Making and Incentive Systems in 2009 before being named a 2011 Young Global Leader. Trained in complex systems, human movement science, neuroscience and psychology, he is currently finishing a second PhD in economics.


Country Chair for Germany:
Katja Menzl

Katja Menzl has more than 10 years of experience in consultancy. She assists clients from the automotive, financial services and telecom industries. She focuses on restructuring/turn around management and controlling.

Before moving to consultancy she was with the automotive supplier Robert Bosch for several years, dealing mainly with controlling issues in Germany and Brazil. Katja studied business administration and economics at the University of Augsburg, Germany. She is married and a mother of two little boys.


Country Chair for India:
Malvinder Singh

Malvinder Mohan Singh has significant business interests in pharmaceutical, healthcare and financial services. He is the Chairman of RHC Holding Pct. Ltd. Formerly he was the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ranbaxy Laboratories, India’s largest pharmaceutical company and the eighth largest generic company globally.

Singh is also the Chairman of the Board of Fortis Healthcare, India’s leading healthcare services company and Chairman of Relegare, India’s fastest-growing, integrated, financial services company. Singh is widely acknowledged for his entrepreneurial and out-of-the-box approach to business. He recently spearheaded a landmark deal, bringing together Ranbaxy and Daiichi Sankyo, Japan’s second largest Pharma innovator.

Singh is a Member of the Board of Visitors, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and Member of the Board of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). He serves on the Board of the INSEAD Global India Council and is a Member of the Board of Trade, Government of India. He graduated in Economics from St Stephen’s College (Delhi) and earned his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.


Country Co-Chair for Indonesia:
Veronica Colondam

CEO/Founder of YCAB Foundation (est.1999), aimed to enable underprivileged youth to be independent through education, entrepreneurship and economic assistance in a sustainable ways. To date, YCAB has impacted the lives of more than two million youth. Received UN-ECOSOC Special Consultative Status and ISO9001:2008, YCAB has evolved into a global social enterprise creating and investing in innovative and sustainable social businesses including education linked micro-loan. In 2013, YCAB ranks 74 of 100 Top NGO in the world by the Global Journal.

Honored as Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2006; Fellow of Asia Society's 21 Young Leaders (2007) and of Global Social Innovator (2008); Globe Asia's Most Powerful Woman in Indonesia (2007) and Channel News Asia's Change Maker 2009 & Asian of the Year 2010. International Board Member of Ravi Zacharias International Ministry; Member of International Advisory Board of Social Entrepreneurship program in Pepperdine University and INSEAD. Veronica was named Social Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Schwab Foundation (2011) and Schwab Social Entrepreneur of 2012.

Studied communications and honors in public relations for her undergraduate, MSc. from the Imperial College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines. Alumnus of executive education in global leadership in Harvard's Kennedy School and MIT; Social Entrepreneurship in INSEAD. Regular writer of her own column and author of three published books, she received the National Gold Award from the Indonesian President and was the youngest recipient of the United Nations Civil Society Award (2001). Lives in Jakarta with her husband and their three teens.


Country Co-Chair for Indonesia:
Silverius Unggul

Silverius O. Unggul is Vice-President of Telpak and Founder of JAUH. 2006, Ashoka Fellow. 2009, Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum.Unggul is also Chairman of Yascita and the recipient of awards, including: Conde Nast Traveller Environmental Award, for fight against illegal logging (2008); Indonesia’s Social Entrepreneur of The Year, Ernst and Young.

Expertise: forestry and timber issues. Graduate studies in Corporate Social Responsibility, Universitas Trisakti.


Country Chair for Jordan:
Amir Shihadeh

Amir Shihadeh is the Founder & Director of YARA (Youth Association for Reality and Awareness) - an NPO which was established in 2010. Over the years, YARA has conducted dozens of campaigns on various matters: from securing education for out of school children, preserving the environment, empowering both youth and women, holding interfaith & inter-religious dialogues, and establishing sustainable projects. As a result of YARA's impact on enhancing society, Amir became a Fellow for the King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement. In addition, YARA is the first NPO to become a member with the Jordan Strategy Forum (

Amir is a Global Shaper and Curator for the Amman Hub of the Global Shapers Community; an initiative of the World Economic Forum. He is also the Chief Operating Officer at Mlabbas; a company with retail outlets and an online presence which offers a shopping experience that provides funky and fun gift items as well as offers the customer the option to customize their own products. Shihadeh holds a BA in Business Information Systems, which he earned from Jordan University, ranking 10th out of 130 graduating students.


Country Chair for Mauritius:
Anishah Aujayeb

Anishah Aujayeb holds a law degree from the University of Teesside, UK and has specialisations in Criminal Law & Criminal Justice. She has joined Juristconsult Chambers, one of the first corporate law firms in Mauritius, when she moved back home after considerable time abroad. Considered as the 'ocean girl' of the Global Shapers Port Louis Hub, Anishah is a professional scuba diver and dives across several sites across Mauritius. She spends more time underwater than on land and is keen to build up marine awareness, on all its levels, on the island.

Through the Global Shapers & Global Dignity, Anishah is also running anti-bullying campaigns throughout the islands in an attempt to create better awareness of the various forms of bullying be it at school or in the professional sphere. Due to her own personal experience of being bullied, she strongly believes that bullying issues should not be ignored. She is also very keen to promote dignity-based leadership to a wide range of young professionals and students.


Country Chair for Mexico:
Alfredo Capote

Alfredo Capote heads the Investment Banking efforts for Goldman Sachs in Mexico. He is responsible for client coverage and execution of M&A and capital market transactions in Mexico and selected countries within Latin America. Capote joined Goldman Sachs in 2006 as a Vice-President in Investment Banking and was named Managing Director in 2007. Prior to joining the firm, he spent eight years at Morgan Stanley in the Latin America Group within the Investment Banking Division in the M&A and Corporate Finance Groups.

Capote has led a significant number of transactions across Latin America and several sectors including telecom, media, real estate, financial institutions, oil, gas, education, automotive, chemical, consumer goods, industrial, IT services and utilities, among others. Capote earned a BSc, magna cum laude, in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College in 1993; an MA, with honours, from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in 1996; and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 1998.


Country Chair for Monaco and Italy:
Marco Fiorese

Marco Fiorese is Co-Founder of The Monaco-Asia Society, a non-profit organization based in Monaco that is dedicated to humanitarian and environmental projects in several countries in Asia, and chaired by H.S.H. Prince Albert II.

The organization has been recognized for its multi-million dollar programme of reconstructing villages in Indonesia destroyed by the tsunami; building orphanages and youth training schools in Indonesia, and sustaining a protection programme of new marine life discovered in South-East Asia.

Fiorese is also Co-Founder of CODIMA Group, an independent investment company dedicated to direct investment activities in Europe and Asia, as well as the ZENZEN Co., the first Pan-Asian fast-food chain, which was nominated as best concept in the restaurant industry in Europe in 2007. Fiorese graduated in Business Economics at Bocconi University, Italy, and completed his studies at Harvard Business School (PGL).


Country Chair for Mongolia:
Ganhuyag Ch. Hutagt

Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt started his career at the Mongolian Stock Exchange as a floor supervisor in 1991 and moved on to engage in the family business a year later. He joined the Central Bank’s Supervision Division after graduating from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in 1997.He then worked for UNDP’s MicroStart Project in 1998, initially as a Finance Manager and then as Operations Manager, before becoming Executive Director of Mongolia’s first non-bank microfinance company, XAC (Golden Fund for Development) in 1999.

XAC subsequently merged with another NBFI to form XacBank, a commercial bank with a social and development mandate. He has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of XacBank since its founding in 2009. Hutagt now leads the holding company of XacBank TenGer FG.Hutagt has served as Honorary Consul of Hungary in Mongolia since 2006. He was one of the pioneers of the financial cooperative movement in Mongolia in the 1990s. He is a Member of the Board of the Microfinance Centre for CEE and NIS, and is currently Vice Minister of Finance of Mongolia.

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Country Chair for Mozambique:
Erik Charas

Erik Charas is the Founder and Managing Director of Charas, LDA, a private sector company investing in and driving the growth of entrepreneurship in Mozambique.He is Vice-President of the Public Services Policy for Private Sector Committee at the Confederation of Mozambican Business Associations and one of three members of the Steering Committee of the British Council Management Express (MEX) programme in Mozambique.Charas was named MSN Hero of Africa 2005 and Archbishop Tutu African Leadership Initiative Fellow 2007.

Charas chairs several boards of companies and non-profits based in Mozambique. He is also an invited lecturer at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique’s only public university. Charas has a degree in Engineering from the University of Cape Town and over 10 years experience in the private and public sectors in Southern Africa.


Country Chair for Nigeria:
Osayi Alile Oruene

Osayi Alile Oruene is the Executive Director of the FATE Foundation, a private sector-led, non-profit initiative that was created with the vision to equip enterprising Nigerian youths with skills, tools, networks and financing that can be used to create successful businesses, which will, in turn, offer gainful employment to the economy.

Her interest in working with nonprofit organizations stems from a personal commitment to the socio-economic development of the country through private sector-led interventions. Alile Oruene’s expertise has placed her on several organizations’ Boards, including After School Graduate Development Centre (AGDC), Nigerian Youths Leaders Congress, Network for Executives of Non-Profits in Nigeria, which she founded, and several private organizations.She holds a BSc degree in Sociology from the University of Lagos and a Master’s degree (with Honours) in Public Administration from Rutgers University.


Country Chair for Norway:
HRH Crown Prince Haakon

His Royal Highness is heir to the Norwegian throne and son of His Majesty King Harald and Her Majesty Queen Sonja. He served in the Royal Norwegian Navy and graduated from the Norwegian Naval Academy in 1995.The following year, he served on board a patrol boat. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s in Development Studies from the London School of Economics. He also attended the Foreign Ministry’s one-year trainee course.

The Crown Prince has an extensive number of official engagements in Norway. He is patron of various Norwegian associations, including the Norwegian International Film Festival, the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.The Crown Prince is Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, where he particularly focuses on promoting the Millennium Developmental Goals.

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Country Chair for Pakistan:
Amir Jahangir

Amir Jahangir is a strategic communication and media professional and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Mishal Pakistan. Previously he had joined SAMAA TV as Chief Executive Officer in 2008. He is Program Advisor to Stanford Research Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University.

He has recently launched his non-profit AGAHI to improve the state of investigative journalism in Pakistan. In the development sector, he has been working closely with the Government of Pakistan on media development, creating innovative models for healthcare delivery mechanisms and communication, advising it on skill development, sector development reforms and improving Pakistan’s competitiveness. He is one of the pioneers in creating industry-academia linkage between media and the Higher Education Commission. Jahangir was part of the launch team of the Competitiveness Support Fund, the first joint venture initiative of USAID and the Government of Pakistan.

He earned the title “Most Innovative Strategist” for developing a comprehensive strategy for Executive Opinion Surveys for Global Competitiveness Rankings to collect soft data on Pakistan. He also managed Pakistan’s partnership for the Global Competitiveness Network of the World Economic Forum.


Country Chair for Palestine:
Ayman Arandi

Ayman Arandi is CEO and Co-founder of Iris Solutions in Palestine. His background is in engineering with a solid experience in entrepreneurship and technology. He established Iris Solutions in 2010, which provides intelligent touch interactive solutions in addition to assistive technology that helps in the process of rehabilitation of autistic and disabled children. Ayman also serves as a Business Developer Consultant for PALinnO – private seed investment program for early stage start-ups in ICT Sector.

Ayman is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, Ramallah Hub. He holds an MSc in Management, Information Systems and Innovation from London School of Economics and BSc in Computer Engineering from Najah University.


Country Chair for the Philippines:
Benedict Carandang

Benedict Carandang is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tuldok Animation Studios. Previously, he was an entrepreneurship consultant for content development at the Commission on Information and Communications Technology under the Office of the President of the Philippines. Carandang is currently a Chevening Scholar, pursuing his MBA at the University of Westminster. He graduated with a BSc in Applied Economics and Management of Financial Institutions from De La Salle University in Manila.

Carandang was the recipient of the British Council's International Young Creative Entrepreneur in 2008 and a finalist in the UK Competition. The Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship honoured him as “One of the Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs for 2009” and featured him in its book “50 Most Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs” in 2011. He is also a London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies Volunteer Performer.


Country Chair for Poland:
Jacek Olechowski

Jacek Olechowski is a Private Investor focused on media. Businesses in which he is involved include: Change Integrated, CEE’s largest and most awarded independent marketing group, EMLab SA, a publicly listed experiential marketing company and – Poland’s first direct insurance aggregator. He sits on the supervisory boards of two other public companies: Kolastyna SA (beauty care) and Internity SA (luxury retail)He is the Polish Vice-President of the International Advertising Association, where he helped launch the industry’s first CSR programme and is a Judge on the Advertising Ethics Committee.

He is a Vice-President of the Polish Business Roundtable, Poland’s most select business association and a member of the Young Presidents Organization. He is a recipient of Newsweek’s Keep Walking award (2007). Olechowski holds an MA from the Warsaw School of Economics.

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Country Chair for Romania:
Codrut Pascu

Codrut Pascu is Partner of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Romania and Co-Head of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) operations. He started as a consultant in 1998 and worked his way up to Partner in less than 10 years, becoming one of the youngest partners in the firm's worldwide partner network. Prior, Codrut worked for a leading Romanian brokerage company and for Morgan Stanley's investment banking division in London.

Committed to fostering educational excellence among young talents, he is Founder of the Romanian Education Trust and the Roland Berger Scholarships in Romania, which supports the academic development of talented Romanians studying abroad. In his capacity of thought leader and active promoter of business education, Codrut has been cited in hundreds of articles published in leading publications in Romania and CEE. He studied Business Administration at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, graduating with a full merit scholarship. He also completed an MBA programme at INSEAD, a leading business academic institution in France.


Country Chair for Russia:
Yan Yanovskiy

Yan Yanovskiy is a Founder and Managing Partner of First Nation Société Bancaire, Russian leading independent full service integrated multi-family office organization and corporate finance advisory firm. Mr. Yanovskiy is also a co-founder of the first bio energy company in Russia BioEnCo.Bioenergy Coporation. 

Yan Yanovskiy  received BA in Economics (summa cum laude) and MBA in Finance and Management from Fordham University; Master’s in International Management (with distinction) from Thunderbird, School of Global Management.

With Central Europe Trust: 2002-04, Head, Corporate Finance Projects; with Rosbank: 2004-05, Senior Manager, Corporate Finance; 2005-06, Director, Corporate Finance; 2006-07, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Finance; with United Industrial Corporation OPK: 2007-10, Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy, Member of the Board, OPK; 2008-10, Chairman of the Board, OPK Mining; 2008-09, Member of the Board, OPK Development; 2008-10, Member of the Board, OPK Mining and President, Hediard; 2009-10, President Director-General, Financière Hédiard; with BioEnCo. Bioenergy Corporation 2011-2012, President, Member of the Board; Since 2010 – current position

Mr. Yanovskiy is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum (2011), Founding Curator of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum.


Country Chair for Singapore:
Penny Low

Penny Low is a Yale World Fellow and scholar, a New Asian Leader and an official link between the FYGL and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.In 2001, Low was the youngest elected female Member of Parliament in Singapore. She is a Union Adviser, chairs the Government Parliamentary Committees for the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts and serves on the GPC for the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry.A pioneer in the wealth management industry, Low served on the Global Voice Editorial Advisory Board of the Financial Planning Association (USA) and the ISO/TC222 Task Force on Personal Financial Planning.

She trained senior managers and co-wrote the syllabus for the Certified Financial Planner, the Chartered Financial Consultant, the designation and an undergraduate module on financial management.In 2006, she founded Social Innovation Park, a non-profit organization promoting thought and action leadership through innovation and social entrepreneurship. Among others, she serves on the US-based Operation Hope’s Founding Board of Global Advisors and is a Board Member of the JetLiOne Foundation.


Country Chair for South Africa:
Phuti Mahanyele

Phuti Mahanyele is Managing Director of Shanduka Energy of South Africa. The Shanduka Group is a leading black owned and managed investment company established in November 2000. Prior to joining Shanduka Group, Malabie headed the Project Finance South Africa unit at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. Previously, she spent six years with Fieldstone, an international firm specializing in financing infrastructure assets. Mahanyele's areas of experience and expertise are project finance, privatization, private-public partnerships, energy assets, outsourcing and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

She earned a BA in Economics from Rutgers University and an MBA from De Montfort University in Leicester.


Country Chair for Sri Lanka:
Asanga Abeyagoonasekera

Asanga Abeyagoonasekera is presently the Advisor to the Minister of External Affairs and the Executive Director of the Premiere National Think Tank namely Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute for International Relations and Strategic Studies.

Prior to this he was the Chairman Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency the only Government Foreign Recruitment Agent 2010-2011. After the Asian Tsunami in 2004, which destroyed all Fishery Harbours, he was appointed Chairman Ceylon Fishery Harbours Corporation at the age of 27 and served until 2010. He was the youngest ever appointed for all three positions. He served as a Senior Consultant to Minister of Transport in 2004. Before joining Government sector he worked in private sector at Sri Lanka Telecom and Hutchison Lanka.

He holds an MBA, BSC in Computer Science from Western Australia, Executive Education from Harvard Kennedy School. He was awarded for his outstanding Academic achievement from Golden Key International Honour Society. Asanga is a Young Global Leader (YGL2012) for the World Economic Forum. He is also the founding curator of the Colombo Global Shapers Hub for World Economic Forum.


Country Chair for Switzerland:
Christian Wenk

Despite a life-threatening bicycle accident in 2000 that left him as a paraplegic, Christian Wenk went on to complete his medical studies and became a Senior Physician in the Emergency Ward of Clinic St Anna in Switzerland, specializing in internal and emergency medicine.

Christian Wenk is also an accomplished triathlete and is the winner of Paralympic gold medals as the Swiss handcycling head coach. In addition, Wenk is a musician who plays the piano thanks to a sophisticated pedals system. He has recorded a number of CDs and performs regularly for charity. He also gives inspiration talks throughout Switzerland, acting as an ambassador for inclusion and dignity.

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Country Chair for Tanzania:
Susan Mashibe

Susan Mashibe is Founder, Owner and Executive Director of VIA Aviation, formerly known as Tanzanite Jet Centre (TanJet). An avid aviator and entrepreneur, she built her business to serve private aviation needs in three countries across the African continent.

Mashibe became the first female FAA-certified commercial pilot and aircraft maintenance engineer in Tanzania. She is the Africa Regional Lead for the National Business Aviation Association. Mashibe holds a degree from Western Michigan University.


Country Chair for Trinidad and Tobago: Jennifer Raffoul

Jennifer Raffoul is a development economist, social entrepreneur, and holistic health practitioner. Jennifer worked as a trader for RBC Merchant Bank Caribbean. Previously she worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, assisting in developing the Trinidad and Tobago Country Strategy lending envelope of over USD$1 billion; and designing and executing local and regional IADB projects, ranging from private sector projects strengthening the export of cultural industries; to public sector projects on education, social safety net, procurement and environmental sustainability.

Jennifer is the Founder of, an e-commerce website to promote products made in the Caribbean, where the key feature is video stories of every entrepreneur to showcase their products, their energy, and their story. The business won the Public Choice Award in the World Bank InfoDev 2013 competition.

Jennifer completed an MSc in Economics for Development at Oxford University. She is also certified as a hatha yoga instructor, and in holistic nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, with a special focus on Ayurveda and auto-immune disorders. She advises regional social entrepreneurs and is a Board Member for the T&T-based Horses Helping Humans organization which assists autistic and special-needs children with Hippotherapy.


Country Chair for Turkey:
Murat Sarayli

Assuming responsibilities at YES in November 2004, Sarayli made the Lisbon Agenda, Europe’s strategic plan towards greater economic growth and job creation, the hallmark of his tenure.He is the founder of Visa-Free Europe movement and sits on the Board of the International Competitiveness Research Institute (URAK) of Turkey and Energy Efficiency Association of Turkey. 

He has been active in his family-owned group of companies since 1989, currently serves as Vice-President of Sarayli Group, founded by his father 35 years ago.The Group is active in energy, trade of electricity, tourism, construction, real estate and international trade. Sarayli graduated with a degree in Management from the Middle East Technical University, attended the Global Leadership and Public Policy module at Harvard KSG.


Country Chair for Uganda:
Ashish Thakkar

Ashish Thakkar is the Founder and Managing Director of the Mara Group of companies. In 15 years, he has taken the Group from the humble beginnings of selling computers to friends, to the global firm that exists today in 18 African countries, employing over 4,500 people. Thakkar is passionate about the growth and development of Africa and focuses most of his energy on commercial and philanthropic initiatives across the continent.

In 2010, the Mara Group was identified by the World Economic Forum as a dynamic high-growth company with the potential to be a driving force for economic and social change. Thakkar has been appointed on the advisory panels to several heads of state in sub-Saharan Africa and is also a team member of the Commonwealth Business Council and COMESA. He will be representing East Africa on Virgin Galactic's first mission into space, making him Africa's second astronaut.


Country Chair for the UK:
Shauneen Lambe

Shauneen Lambe holds an MA from Edinburgh University, is a qualified Barrister in England and Wales and an Attorney in Louisiana, USA. After qualifying as a lawyer Shauneen worked in the southern United States representing those facing the death penalty. Her work involved representing a number of juveniles on death row including the exoneration of Ryan Matthews in 2004, after five years on death row. In 1999, she helped set up Reprieve, a UK charity that uses the law to enforce the human rights of prisoners, from death row to Guantanamo Bay and was a board member until 2006.

In 2006 she set up Just for Kids Law (JfK Law) in London, an organization that provides support, advice and representation to young people in trouble with the law. In 2010, JfK Law was voted the best not-for profit legal aid organization in England and Wales. In 2006, Shauneen was selected as one of Management Today's 35 Women Aged under 35. In 2010, Shauneen was honoured to be asked by the World Economic Forum to be a 'Young Global Leader'. In 2011, she became a Shackleton Fellow.


Country Chair for United Arab Emirates:
Pasha Bakhtiar

Pasha Bakhtiar is Chief Executive Officer of ES Bankers (Dubai), part of the Espirito Santo Financial Group. Bakhtiar started his career with Lombard Odier & Cie in 1998, focusing mainly on macroeconomic and equity research in southern Europe and Latin America, spending time in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. After two years in the start-up world of B2B, Bakhtiar returned to Lombard Odier & Cie as Vice-President of the special Affairs team that managed the bank's largest and most complex clients. As Managing Director, his responsibilities included capital raising, portfolio management and structuring innovative solutions for investors.

In 2007, Bakhtiar received a “Rising Star of Wealth Management” award from Institutional Investor in New York. He temporarily left the world of banking in September 2010 to found WillowTree Impact Investors along with four other partners. Bakhtiar has a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from INSEAD.


Country Chair for US:
John Hope Bryant

A Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum, an Oprah's Angel Network award recipient, a TIME Magazine 50 (Leaders) for the Future (94'), John Hope Bryant is an entrepreneur, the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Operation HOPE, the Inc. Magazine/CEO READ bestselling author of LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), advisor to the last three sitting U.S. presidents, a thought leader, public speaker, and an innovator in the business of empowerment.


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