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Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world participate in Global Dignity Day each year. Learn more about this annual celebration of all that unites us!

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Explore our learning experiences, curriculum ideas, toolkits and other resources to help you organize Dignity Workshops or Global Dignity Day events in classrooms, refugee camps, community and youth centers, or anywhere in between.

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Join us in building a world where understanding, compassion and love triumph!

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Your support at any level will help even more young people discover their own unique value, see the inherent dignity in every person they meet, and put dignity into action in their communities.


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Teaching Tools

Here you’ll find a variety of curriculum ideas, toolkits and additional resources to better understand what dignity is and why it matters. Use these free resources to organize Dignity Workshops in classrooms, community and youth groups, refugee communities – or anywhere in between. 

Virtual Learning

Learning Experiences

Help students and participants explore what dignity is and how it impacts our relationship with ourselves and others.

Ages 5-9 Learning Experience

View and download individual lessons for this age group below, or download the entire set of Ages 5-9 experiences by using the download button.

Ages 5-9 | Objective One

Dignity Starts with You

Help participants understand the meaning and importance of dignity, how it impacts the way we think about ourselves, and how it affects the way we treat one another.

Dignity Starts with You

80KB | Ages 5-9

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Ages 5-9 | Objective Two

Seeing the Dignity in Others

Participants will explore how recognizing the dignity of every single person and our shared humanity is essential to creating a more just and peaceful world.

Seeing the Dignity in Others

96KB | Ages 5-9

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