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Country Chair: Steeven Vera Herrera


Saludos desde un país dónde no existen extraños, todos son bienvenidos , ¡Ecuador! abrazamos la unión con calidez y nuestro progreso lo hemos logrado juntos, Dignidad Global generará conciencia en Ecuador, para servir de ejemplo a nuestro continente, es crucial enseñar dignidad en Ecuador para que nuestra sociedad comprenda que el respeto y estima nos harán crecer juntos aún más cómo sociedad, estás invitado a unirte en lo que construiremos día a día.

Greetings from a country where there are no strangers, and everyone is welcome, Ecuador! We warmly embrace this partnership and celebrate the progress we have achieved together as a country. Global Dignity will raise awareness in Ecuador and serve as an example to our continent. It is crucial to teach dignity in Ecuador so that our society understands that respect and esteem will make us grow together even more as a society. You are invited to join in what we will build day by day.

Steeven Vera Herrera

Country Chair For Ecuador

Steeven Vera Herrera is a Global Shaper of the Guayaquil Hub, a business student, passionate about innovation, supply chain, business models and science. He is a researcher and has participated in different business study projects with the aim of improving the way of doing business in the small communities of his country.

Steeven is part of the WSA network (young innovators), students for liberty and several entrepreneurship networks in their country.