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Country Chair: Kamilla Sultanova


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Kamilla Sultanova

Country Chair For Finland

Kamilla is a bridge-builder, public speaker and diversity and inclusion expert based in Helsinki, Finland. Born in Uzbekistan, she has lived and worked in the Nordics for the half of her life navigating across cultures, industries and change. She received MA in corporate communication from Aarhus University in Denmark and has had a successful sales career in Scandinavian shipping companies including Maersk Line, where she was in charge of a global sales strategy execution in 20+ markets spanning Eastern Europe, Nordics and Middle East. A passionate advocate, Kamilla has been an activist for the last 10 years influencing debates, policies and practices in the field of gender equality, diversity and inclusion, economic empowerment and cross-cultural dialogue in the Nordics and the EU.

Kamilla initiated Global Dignity Girls & Boys NGO in Helsinki in 2015 with Tanja Lankia. Since 2015 100s of volunteers and teachers were involved in co-organizing various Dignity workshops, seminars and art exhibits, hybrid speaker events and webinars during covid for more than 5,000 students in Helsinki region.

She is an alumni at the European Young Leaders “40 under 40” network and GMF Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders as well as alumni of Finnish Innovation Funds’ Sitralab, academy of changemakers with focus on youth social inequality. Kamilla received a “Women of the Decade in Community Leadership” award at the 2017 Women Economic Forum in India.

With her recognized work in Finland to build cooperation across sectors (municipalities, NGOs, artists, education institutions and businesses) locally and internationally, her aim is to create strategies, projects and collaborations through which growth and innovation can belong to everyone. Kamilla runs her consultancy and recently co-founded media platform Uzbekistan with a female voice.