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Country Chair: Kad Kaneye


Welcome to the Global Dignity Niger. Here, we believe that each and everyone counts in a society; everyone has something to bring and offer. The world doesn’t belong to one or a group of people, it belongs to “us” and it is up to us to make it a better place. Through Global Dignity, we aim to raise awareness that it is only by helping and considering each and everyone’s dignity that we can succeed and share the one and only common point we all have, HUMANITY.

Kad Kaneye

Country Chair For Niger

As an experienced social entrepreneur and change leader, passionate about empowering youth, women and fostering community development through entrepreneurship and start-ups ventures, Kad Kaneye is also a CPA of more than 12 years of experience in auditing and consulting for complex international development Organizations, Government (highest level), Banking and services challenges in more than fifteen countries in the Francophone Africa.

After graduating from Harvard University, Kad has focused his energy in the African Development University in his home country where he is Co-Founder and CEO. African Development University is the first non for profit university in Niger to offer a world-class education for students in the Sahel region.