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Last year, over 500,000 young people participated in Global Dignity Day events in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Join us this year on October 18th.

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We’ve created a variety of curriculum ideas, resources, and a Tool Kit to help you organize small group Dignity Workshops and learning experiences in classrooms, community and youth groups, under tents in refugee camps – anytime and anywhere.

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There are so many things you can do right now to lead a life that is based on the values and principles of dignity.

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Country Chair: Wiem Melki


Wiem Melki

Country Chair For Tunisia

Wiem is the Tunisia civil society lead at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, an International think-and-do-tank promoting transparency and good governance in the energy sector.The program aims at empowering local oversight actors in understanding available information on oil and phosphate and advocating for more disclosures, policy reform, and accountability. She is also the Curator of the Global Shapers Tunis Hub, a World Economic Forum initiative gathering youth leaders from all over the world who are committed to making social changes in their communities.

Wiem worked on policy reforms related to women leadership positions in the public sector with the Tunisian Women for Common Ground, an Initiative of Search for Common Ground bringing 16 secular and non-secular women organizations to collaborate together. Wiem also served as the Senior project coordinator of five youth councils working on local governance and youth-related issues in different regions. Wiem formerly assisted the Political and Public Affairs section at the British Embassy in Tunis and was a writer and reporter at Tunisia-Live newswebsite. She has a B.A. in English studies at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences in Tunis and is a former Fulbright scholar at Western Michigan University.

Wiem has been serving as a volunteer for more than 7 years within different organizations working on children with disability, youth, women, civic engagement and culture. Wiem believes that small impacts are the door for a bigger change.