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Last year, over 860,000 young people participated in Global Dignity Day events in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Join us for Global Dignity Day 2019 on October 16th!

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We’ve created a variety of curriculum ideas, resources, and a Toolkit to help you organize small group Dignity Workshops and learning experiences in classrooms, community and youth groups, under tents in refugee camps – anytime and anywhere.

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There are so many things you can do right now to lead a life that is based on the values and principles of dignity.

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Country Chair: Rodrick Mazoyo



Greetings from the jewel of Africa, Zimbabwe.

Global Dignity Zimbabwe is led by the first ever Zimbabwe Country Chair, Rodrick Simba Mazoyo. The team is rich in diversity, comprising young people from different career paths who are connected by the will to positively impact the world, starting with their immediate environment. Dignity principles are the tools we aim to share with fellow citizens in order to create an environment filled with compassion, tolerance and general understanding of one another. In partnership with institutions such as the police, schools and religious sects, we aim to create a Zimbabwe that is free from polarization, hate and abuse. We are working towards a Zimbabwe that every citizen enjoys without hurting or fearing the other. As a team we are more than convinced that our efforts are and will change lives positively. You too can join us.

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Rodrick Mazoyo

Country Chair For Zimbabwe

Rodrick Simba Mazoyo is a writer and passionate storyteller with one Shona fiction novel to his name. Several of his short stories have gone viral on Zimbabwe’s social media and is a columnist with ‘The Customer,’ a regional customer service magazine. As a hobby he also pens news articles for several local newspapers and online publications.

Rodrick is an agent for community development. In addition to his leadership role with Global Dignity Zimbabwe, he also works with other non-profits such as Global Shapers and Campus Community Foundation where he uses his media and marketing skills in support of their missions.

Rodrick is employed by Zimbabwe's second largest mobile telecoms company.